By purchasing music and sound effects from Cyberwave Orchestra, you agree to the following terms of use:


License and Ownership:
When you purchase audio from Cyberwave Orchestra, you acquire a license to use the audio in your game project. Cyberwave Orchestra retains all ownership and copyright rights to the audio.

Permitted Use:
The purchased audio can be utilized in any type of game project and all associated elements concerning the development, marketing, and promotional materials of that specific game.

Promotional Use:
You have permission to use the audio in promotional materials associated with your game project, including but not limited to trailers, social media posts, and marketing campaigns.

Distribution and Resale:
The licensed audio cannot be distributed or resold to third parties. However, the integration of the audio into the game for distribution purposes is permitted.

Disclaimer of Liability:
Cyberwave Orchestra disclaims any liability for damages that may arise from the use or inability to use the licensed audio. This includes but is not limited to any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Termination of License:
If any breach of these terms occurs, your license to use the audio will be immediately terminated. In such instances, you must promptly cease all use of the licensed audio and associated materials.

Modifications to Terms:
Cyberwave Orchestra reserves the right to modify these terms of use for future purchases only. Any changes made will not affect the terms under which previously purchased audio was acquired.

Usage for Multiple Games:
The purchased sound pack can be used multiple times within games owned by the licensee's studio/team or by the individual buyer. This allows for use across multiple projects developed internally.

However, if the buyer is creating games for other studios or clients as a contractor, a separate license is required for each individual project. This ensures that the licensed audio is used correctly according to ownership and avoids any confusion about the licensing terms.


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